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The   Organisation   of   Horsebox   and   Trailer   Owners   Breakdown   Cover   is   fully   comprehensive, supplying    all    areas    of    equestrian    sport    and    leisure    with    the    best    available    service throughout   the   UK   and   Europe.   Since   1985   we   have   attended   over   70,000   breakdowns ensuring   we   have   the   best   suppliers,   the   best   operators   and   the   most   experience.   All   our staff   and   call   handlers   have   extensive   equestrian   knowledge   and   most   have   owned   their own horses or worked with them. Our   parent   company   PRP   Rescue   Services   is the   largest   of   its   kind   in   Europe,   supplying the   equestrian   support   for   many   leading breakdown     schemes     as     well     as     the Highways     Agency     and     the     OHTO.     We always    supply    fresh    professional    horse transport   if   your   vehicle   cannot   be   repaired at    roadside.    Because    we    are    the    only equestrian   breakdown   company   recognised by    the    Highways    Agency,    closing    main roads   and   motorways   or   using   rolling   road- blocks   to      facilitate   the   offloading   of   your horses   is   never   a   problem   (the   image   above is   of   a   recent   breakdown   where,   working   with   the   Highways   Agency   and   Police   Traffic Division, we closed the main A12 to transfer a members’ horses). Our   tyre   services   are   also   the   best   available,   combining   several   of   the   major   UK   suppliers. If   new   tyres   are   supplied   we   never   ask   our   members   for   payment   at   the   time   (unlike   most other   suppliers).   The   tyres   are   always   invoiced   at   a   later   date   complete   with   a   copy   of   our suppliers   invoice   so   that   you   can   see   that   we   have   not   marked   the   prices   up   in   any   way   or included a handling charge. Joining   the   OHTO   could   not   be   more   simple   and   is   a   must   for   every   responsible   travelling horse owner. Click on the links below to find a scheme that fits your equestrian lifestyle.
Safe Hands in a Crisis
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