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· Horsebox   insurance,   provided   by   our   partner   Drayton   Insurance,   covers any   size   and   value   of   self-drive   horsebox   or   trailer   for   leisure   or   business purposes or even hire and reward. Our   horsebox   policies   can   allow   any   driver   to   drive   the   horsebox   with your   permission,   or   you   can   specify   named   drivers   to   possibly   reduce the premium. Cover can include: Public Liability Accidental Damage Fire or Theft Whether you are simply moving your child’s horse between stable, attending competition events or transporting racehorses across Europe, please call Drayton Insurance on 01603 262610 and tell them you have visited the OHTO Website. Our team will be happy to discuss your equine activities and design the right kind of cover for your needs.

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